Recall Information at Your Fingertips

Keeping up with recalls can be a daunting task for consumers and business owners.  Now, there's a new way to get important information right at your finger tips.

The non-profit publisher of "Consumer Reports" Magazine is hosting the site  The website updates regularly and has the news on the latest recalls from a variety of government agencies, including the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Food and Drug Administration.

Consumers and business owners we spoke like the idea of going to one place for recall information.

"I think it's a great resource.  I think any information that you can get your hands on will be good and help you make better buying decisions you know knowledge is power," said Virginia Nowak, owner of the Great American Toy Company in Amarillo.

"I think it might be a big success for parents in general because they need websites and other resources as a parent to find recalled products," said Bryce Boydstun. 
   The website is