Auto Burglaries on the Rise

Lt. Dale Davis, Canyon Police Department
Lt. Dale Davis, Canyon Police Department

A string of recent auto burglaries is keeping law enforcement officers in our area busy.

Stuffing your purse under the seat... Locking it in the trunk... Or throwing a jacket over it...

It's all ways consumers try to get around taking in valuables while they run a quick errand... But police say it is leading to the high number or burglaries we are seeing.

Police say thieves can still spot a purse stuffed under a seat... And while they can't see in the trunk... They say it still doesn't work.

Corporal Jerry Neufeld with Amarillo Crime stopper says, "Trunks are better because they can't see them... Provided that you put it in the trunk before you get where your going. In other words you don't want to get out at the mall with your purse in your hand, walk around to the back, open the trunk and put your purse in there, cause you just told every body this is where it's at."

Though the biggest mistake of all... Throwing a jacket over your belongings.

Neufeld says,"What we call the magic coat. They'll take that purse and put in the corner or that lab top and drape a coat or blanket over it, thinking well nobody will know what's underneath there. Well al you have done is peaked their curiosity."

Neufeld says the problem won't go away until drivers take the extra time to take valuables inside.  "People leaving things in their car and not securing them. You know they are going to break out a window and reach in and grab them."

Amarillo is not the only town seeing an increase.. Both Canyon PD and West Texas A&M officers say they are dealing with a more smash and grabs.

Lt. Dale Davis with Canyon PD says, "They were hit one night... And at the same time we were hit also. And I believe it probably comes up to with theirs and ours to about 18 in one night."

Here are some of the things you can do to protect your car and belongings from being burglarized.

Number one... Take valuables out of your vehicle.

number two... Never leave your car unlocked or the windows rolled down... Even if you are just running a quick errand inside.

And thirdly... Park in well lit areas at night.