Chipping Site Murder Update

Candice Herrera
Candice Herrera

Tonight.. A murder suspect is still in custody... Connected to Amarillo's latest murder.

After seven days of tracking leads... Police now know who was with 25 year old Candice Herrera before she was shot down in cold blood.

Police have now narrowed the time of death to around 5 am Friday... When Herrera was shot multiple times at the chipping yard at 34th and Eastern.

Her body.. Lay there till eight that morning... When city workers... Who thought she was a mannequin... Realized just what they were seeing.

With very little information police started investigating leads and evidence that led police, SWAT, and narcotics teams raided two Amarillo homes.

Lt. Gary Trupe with APD says, "During a search of the house.. A large quantity of methamphetamines was recovered from inside the house. Also during the two search warrants, we recovered three vehicles, two of which we believe are involved in this homicide."

25 year old Sebastian Roys is booked on murder charges... A charge another Amarillo man is expected to receive by the first of next week. Though investigators say they don't feel these two are the only ones responsible.

Trupe says, "I feel that at some point there will be some additional charges filed on additional people."

A third person was arrested in last nights raids... An 18 year old female who is currently charged with a 1st degree felony of possession of methamphetamines.... Police are still looking into if she is connected to the murder.