New Guidelines To Prevent Staph Infections

Dr. Rush Pierce
Dr. Rush Pierce

Outbreaks of Staph infection are happening in hospitals, schools, and workplaces around Amarillo.

So the Texas Department of Health has issued new guidelines to try and prevent the spread of the bacteria. It's a common skin infection which can cause skin rashes and boils. A new strain called MRSA threatens our community.

"Some of these staph have developed resistance to the usual antibiotics that we use, that's been a problem increasing with time," said Dr. Rush Pierce the Randall and Potter Health Authority.

The most important guideline is to was your hands frequently.

"We've always said it's important to wash your hands with staph, but it's even more important now than it used to be," said Dr. Rush

Some other guidelines are to not share personal items like telephones, keyboards, and toys. 
If you do have staph infection cover the wound so that it's not exposed. Maintain good hygiene and consult a physician at the first sign of outbreak.

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