What's Next for Sheriff Shumate

One day after Potter County Sheriff Mike Shumate is indicted for alleged corrupt activity, the question of whether or not he will remain in office has been posed.

Sheriff Mike Shumate's indictment for allegedly taking bribes from a jail food service company does not change his position as Potter Sounty sheriff.

That, according to the Potter County Attorney Scott Brumley.

Brumley says Sheriff Shumate will remain sheriff unless one of two things happens.

One, Shumate himself decides to resign.

The other reason shumate could be removed from his office is if the county attorney files a removal suit.

Several Potter County officials who declined to talk on camera said it is too early to tell if a removal suit will be filed.

Potter County Commissioner Joe Kirkwood said this afternoon a big question is whether or not the sheriff can conduct his business with an indictment hanging over his head.