Chipping Site Murder Arrests

The suspected trigger man involved in the city's latest murder is behind bars...That's according to the Amarillo Police Department.

The body of 25 year old Candice Herrera was found Friday by city workers who discovered her shot multiple times. This afternoon her family members hope their getting justice. Police have arrest 25 year old Sebastian Roys and charged him with Herrera's murder. 

Last night police executed search warrants on two separate homes in Amarillo. They picked up a 21 year old male who is only charged with a parole violation at this time but is expected to be charged in this case.

"He will be charged with murder in the next few days at the latest. Probably the first of next week, however at this time he is not officially charged with murder so I am not releasing his name," says Lt. Gary Trupe, APD Special Crimes.

At the second house police arrested Roys and an 18 year old female. Both are being charged with first degree felony for possession of methamphetamines. 
We are still sorting through the details in this case. We do know police have not found the murder weapon.