Cancer is something that affects all of us.

An amendment like proposition 15 has the support of people on both sides of the aisle, as well as the people who are dealing with cancer themselves.

Newschannel ten's megan moore sat down with a woman who was recently diagnosed and joins us live in the studio with her take.



amanda, peggy bellar went to the doctor back in may for a routine check up.

She never expected to hear the doctor say she had cancer.


she started chemotherapy in august and is halfway through her treatment.

She says she would absolutely support an amendment like proposition 15.



"my cancer is unknown so i know it would probably go to help about 20 percent of people who don't know what they have."

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bellar has been getting her treatments every month.

Now, she's starting to go every three weeks.



"cancer is very expensive.   If you do or don't have insurance, because some things they don't cover."

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another reason she would support the amendment.

She says she hopes that money  go will toward helping texans with cancer pay for their treatments.


lawmakers say if the proposition is passed, any cancer center, hospital, what have you, that would like a grant has to request it.

They then will have to raise 50 cents for every dollar requested.

Live in the studio, megan moore, newschannel ten.