Aging Population in Need of In Home Care Professionals

Janet Schulte, Care Coordinator at The Area Agency on Aging
Janet Schulte, Care Coordinator at The Area Agency on Aging

A shortage of elderly health care professionals has some worried about the needs of the aging baby boomer population. So much so, they are actively recruiting at local colleges to try and get student nurses interested in the filed of geriatrics.

More home health professionals are needed to help with the potential shortage of workers. 

"To keep the elderly in their homes  which is where they want to be as they age. Our aging population is growing by leaps and bounds therefore we have a lot of work ahead of us," said Care Coordinator at the Area Agency on Aging Janet Schulte.

Shulte says they are working with local colleges to help motivate and inspire nurses to enter the field of geriatrics.

"We're working with Texas Tech, Alzheimer Academy and different agencies and  they are well aware of the growing aging population and how much need there is in that  area of more care givers, more support and more agencies to deal with this" said Shulte.

The Area Agency on Aging says you can call them at 331-2227 for additional referral services.

Shulte gives a brief description of the type of services available, "We have in home services someone to come in and help with daily chores, cleaning, bathing, laundry."