$3 Billion for Cancer Research on November Ballot

This November, Texans will vote on an amendment providing three billion dollars for cancer research. The amendment, if approved, could affect most Texans.

Proposition 15 allows for three billion dollars to pay for cancer research over the course of ten years.

Representative David Swinford says he supports the amendment, and he says he even added to it.

Swinford says the three billion dollars could go toward new equipment, new buildings, more research, anything.

He says he added an amendment that requires anyone who requests a piece of the three billion dollar pie must first raise 50 cents for each dollar requested.

So, if a hospital asks for one million dollars, it must raise $500,000.

He says that way, the brightest minds with the best research will receive the grants. Even so, local doctors are still skeptical of the proposal. They say they want more information on the proposition before they cast their votes.

They also say cancer research money is needed because since Sept. 11, federal funding has decreased for cancer research. They say maybe the state money could make up for that.

Representative Swinford also says if the proposition is approved, the main issue will be how to pay for those programs.

Since the state has a budget surplus, lawmakers will decide whether to issue bonds as planned or just pay it straight out.