Lead Testers For Consumers

A product in your home may have lead... Instead of waiting for a recall notice to alert you to the element... You can find out for yourself with a simple test..

This simple stick can now give consumers peace of mind that their possessions are safe.. It's just this simple for the average consumer to test for the element... Simply snap both ends of the stick and rub it on the surface...

Popping the capsule causes a chemical reaction that instantly gives a pass-fail reading for lead.

Kevin Pawlowski with TechSpray says, "It has a chemical that you squeeze on both ends and it mixes together and has an interaction with the lead to create a pink color."

Yellow means no lead was found... Where as pink is a sign lead is present...

"The brighter the darker the pink the more lead that's present" Pawlowski says.

The quick capsules only have a shelf life of 90 seconds once popped.. But they can test several products in that time.

Pawlowski says, "It's good to test any surface area, a toy, a lunchbox, blinds, paint on the walls, any of that."

Experts recommend wiping off the product once you have tested it to ensure that none of the chemical is left.

The capsules will detect lead levels on the surface of the product even if they are as low as one percent...

You can pick them up at your local hardware store in the paint section.