WT Students Investigate for Midterm

Students enrolled in the Criminal Investigations Class at West Texas A&M, got a chance for a very unique mid-term exam this afternoon.

Dr. Harry Hueston, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice, has set up five different murder scenes for his students to investigate.

"Today, after 7 weeks of hard practice, this is what they'll be graded on for their midterm. It's a very different type of midterm."

It's something Hueston provides his students to provide them a real hands on experience at what the actual thing might be like.

A former police chief, Hueston knows this is the best way for his students to learn.

"The stuff the students are doing, I've done in my police career. This is my idea of how to provide my students what real life is like. This is as real as I can give them in Crime Scene Investigation."

Crime Dramas on T.V. have sparked a major interest in the field. But these students, even the non Criminal Justice Majors, realize what you see on TV is far from how an investigation works.

"It takes a lot more time than C.S.I. It's not a 20 minute thing. It takes at least 3 hours. And, there's a lot more things that can go wrong than on T.V. It's not a perfect world," said Tori Bradley, a student in the class.