Why Lake Meredith is so Low

It's no secret Lake Meredith's water levels are shrinking by the day. The lake levels lower about one foot per month. Its at 52 feet right now. And the Canadian River Municipal Water Authority says they will have to move the pump when the lake hits 37 feet.

If the water recession rates keep dropping as they have been Lake Meredith will no be a water source by 2009.

This summer the lake had boat ramps open. Now only one remains.

CRMWA says droughts and salt cedars are the reasons for low lake levels.  They say the area needs an intense rain to develop runoff into the lake.

And the salt cedar sucks up 7 feet of water in any given area.

Lake Meredith provides water to half a million people in 11 cities. CRMWA says the 10,000 acres of salt cedar at the lake uses just as much water.

The lake is no longer the primary source of water for those 11 cities. CRMWA says they now pump more water out of a well in Roberts County.