Why Is Blood Needed?

Most people don't donate blood because they are unaware that there is a need.  They have never been told that there is nor have they ever been asked to donate blood.  We would like to see that change.  We need to see that change in order to adequately meet the blood supply needs in our area.

*Did you know that Coffee Memorial Blood Center services the entire High Plains Region to include 30 counties and 32 medical facilities to which we supply all blood products and transfusion services?

Most people don't.

*Did you know that of the 450,000 people that live in the High Plains Region only 5% of those  people donate blood each year?

That's only 22,500 units of blood per year.

*Did you know that patients come into our area to utilize our medical facilities from 5 surrounding states?  

The need for blood continues to increase.

At present, the need for blood in the High Plains Region has increased to a level of 30,000+ units per year while the supply remains consistently between 26,000-27,000 per year.  That means that Coffee Memorial needs to draw approximately 600 units of blood per week to meet the needs of the area and avoid a crisis situation.

There is no substitute for blood!  The only source is from volunteer blood donors in our area.

The need for blood is great!  Blood transfusions are often needed for trauma victims - due to accidents or burns - heart surgery, organ transplants, patients receiving treatment for leukemia, cancer or other diseases, such as sickle cell disease.  With advanced technology, increased medical facilities and an increasing number of major medical procedures done in our area, the demand for blood products will continue to rise. That's why that you and your blood drive council are so important.  We need your help in educating and recruiting new donors.  If you are unable to donate, recruit a donor or two to take your place.

The need is real...tell someone that.  Ask them to donate.  One unit can save three lives!