Who Can Donate? Blood Donor Qualifications

AGE:  17 years and older. Texas State law no longer requires the written consent of parent or guardian for 17 year-olds.  (Proof of age must be provided.)  There is no upper age limit, provided that you are in good health, and meet all other donor criteria.

WEIGHT:  Minimum of 115 pounds (52kg)

DONATION FREQUENCY:  At least 56 days (eight weeks) between donations of whole blood

MEDICAL HISTORY:  You may not be able to donate blood if:

*You now have or have ever had hepatitis

*You now have or have ever had melanoma, leukemia or lymphomas

*You now have or have ever had diabetes requiring insulin

*You ever used intravenous drugs not prescribed by a physician

*You participated in activities placing you at high risk of contracting AIDS

*You have unexplained night sweating, skin eruptions, fevers, weight loss, swollen lymph glands or persistent diarrhea

*Cancer, heart, lung, kidney, liver or stomach diseases may not prevent you from donating blood. Contact the Blood Center at 358-4563 for more information. You may be temporarily deferred if any of the following are true:

*Had body and/or unsterile ear piercings in the last 12 months

*Had sexual contact with an AIDS patient or with individuals who are at increased risk of contracting AIDS in the last 12 months

*Recently had the flu, a cold, sore throat or fever

*If you recently received a tattoo, it must be at least one week old (if performed in a regulated state)

*Have an active infection presently requiring prescribed medication

*Received a vaccination in the past 24 hours (some vaccinations have longer deferral periods)

*Received a blood transfusion in the past 12 months

*Were pregnant at any time during the past six weeks

*In the last three years lived in, or in the past 12 months visited, an area where malaria is common; if you are unsure, please contact the Blood Center (358-4563) for a list of those areas

*Spent a total of more than 3 months in the United Kingdom from 1980 and 1996

*Received a blood transfusion in the United Kingdom since 1980

*Spent a total of more than 5 years in Europe since 1980

*Were a member of the military, civilian military employee or depended AND spent 6 months or more on certain military bases in Europe between 1980 and 1996


*It is highly recommended that you eat a meal before donating. Fasting is not advised and could make you more likely to become weak or light-headed following the donation.

*If you are taking vitamins, hormones (estrogen, thyroid, etc.), birth control pills, diet pills or medications for high blood pressure, you may donate unless deferred for some other reason.

* When you register, we will ask for your Social Security Number for identification purposes.  This ensures that we access your donation record and not that of someone else.

*You cannot contract AIDS or any other infectious disease by donating blood.