The Importance Of Appointments

Coffee Memorial conducts numerous blood drives each week and we are realizing more and more that appointments are one of the MOST IMPORTANT keys to a successful blood drive!  We realize that getting donors accustomed to scheduling an appointment to donate will take some time.  But, once in place, it will be to the benefit of everyone involved.  Why?  Because...

APPOINTMENTS - are the key to staff scheduling.  If we know an estimated number of donors, we can schedule the appropriate number of staff to handle that number of donors comfortably.

APPOINTMENTS - are the key to donor flow.  If a donor has a scheduled time to donate, he/she can show up at that time, begin the process and keep the flow of the drive consistent.

APPOINTMENTS - are the key to reducing the wait time.  Without appointments, our staff has no estimation of the number of donors at any given time.  Therefore, it is not unusual for several donors to show up at one time slowing down the donation process.

APPOINTMENTS - reduce the amount of time required to donate.  We understand that you are offering a service to your community by allowing your employees to donate during work hours.  Because appointments reduce the wait time, they also keep the time required to donate to about an hour.

APPOINTMENTS - are the key to blood drive efficiency.  As with most people, when rushed or under pressure, you tend not to be as thorough as you would like to be.  Appointments promote efficiency and allow more time for our staff to interact with the donor which creates a more pleasant experience for everyone involved.

APPOINTMENTS - do not prohibit walk-ins.  While we do encourage appointments, walk ins are still very welcome!  We understand that sometimes it is difficult to schedule a set time to donate if you're not sure what the day has in store.  Walk-ins can be worked in between appointment times.  However, appointments will be given priority.

APPOINTMENTS - are not set in stone.  Appointments are the basis for our staff scheduling, donor flow, blood drive efficiency and minimized wait time.  But, we are all aware that things come up throughout the day that we did not plan for.  If you are unable to donate at your scheduled time, contact your appointed scheduling coordinator to let them know that you can't make your appointment and see if there is another time during the scheduled drive that you can donate.

APPOINTMENTS - make for a successful blood drive!  Appointments also give you and your blood drive council an estimate of how close you are going to be to reaching the goal set for your drive.  Thus, giving you an idea of how many more donors you need to recruit to get there.

A donor who sets an appointment to donate is more likely to do it! 

May we suggest that you appoint a Scheduling Coordinator on your blood drive council to start scheduling appointments three weeks prior to the blood drive using this Appointment Template.  Ask your CMBC representative for an appointment sheet specific to your drive. You will need to provide your CMBC representative with an estimated number of donors two weeks prior to the drive so that we can plan our staffing accordingly.  However, the final count on donor appointments is required 48 hours prior to the drive.