Amarillo Wants You To Conserve Water

The city is campaigning for folks to take active steps to conserve water now and save the lake.

Here's what you can do: 

Indoors: Steps you should take to conserve water

  • Turn off the water while you brush your teeth or shave.
  • Water plants with leftover dish or bath water.
  • Fix leaky faucets and pipes.
  • Install water-efficient devices in the bathroom and kitchen.
  • If you see a leaky plumbing fixture, notify the manager to please have
    it fixed.
  • Use the sink garbage disposal sparingly or start a compost pile.
  • Always keep water conservation in mind and find ways to save in the
    kitchen. Small saving add up in time.
  • Take a shower instead of filling the tub and taking a bath. Showers
    with low-flow showerheads usually use less water than tub baths.
  • If you do take baths, try reducing the level of the water being used in
    a bathtub by one or two inches.

Outdoors: Steps you should take to conserve water

  • Implement your own voluntary water conservation program by reducing
    residential outdoor watering to twice per week. This conservation measure
    alone will have the most significant impact on water usage.
  • Use a broom, not a hose, to remove debris from sidewalks, patios
    and driveways.
  • Drain water from pools and hot tubs onto vegetated areas, not in the
  • Fix leaky hoses and faucets.
  • Use hoses and sprinkler heads that drip water slowly close to the
  • Let the City Utilities Office know when you see wasteful usage outdoors
    that occurs on a regular basis (see back cover for phone numbers).
    Use a bucket of soapy water, not just the hose, to wash your car.
    Don't cut the grass too short - longer grass holds moisture better.
    Concrete won't grow - don't water your driveway, the sidewalks or
  • Don't over water - find out what types of plants you have and how
    much water they really need.
  • There is more to yards than lawns. Use native and water-efficient
    plants and trees to create an enjoyable outdoor space.

    The city of Amarillo says you can make a difference. Every Drop Counts.