Young Woman's Body Found

Candice Herrera
Candice Herrera

We now know the identity of an Amarillo woman found shot to death in south Amarillo.

25 year old Candice Herrera was discovered at the chipping station on 34th and Eastern... Shot multiple times.

This is the face of the woman who police say was killed in cold blood. Her body... Discovered by city workers... Lying in the entry way to the chipping station.

Lt Gary Trupe with the Amarillo Police Department Special Crimes Unit says, "It does appear to us that the shooting itself did occur at the chipping station and she wasn't just dumped there."

Police would not comment on how many times herrera was shot or where... But they say they believe she had not been there very long.

Right now... They say they are focusing on tracking down who was last with her in hopes that it will lead to her killer.

Trupe says, "We do have some things that we are following up on and hopefully that will give us some additional leads and give us a suspect. No arrest has been made and no weapon recovered... So we have a lot of work to do trying to find out who killed Ms. Herrera."

An autopsy is set to be preformed tomorrow in Lubbock. Trupe is now asking for the publics help to solve this crime. Anyone who has information about who Herrera was with..

Or who was at the chipping yard between midnight and seven this morning is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 378-9468.

We will continue to bring you the latest information on the case as the investigation continues.