Men of Mortuaries Calendar

Men from around the country have volunteered to be a part of a very creative fund raiser to help people with breast cancer.

The Men of Mortuaries Calendar features 14 morticians and funeral directors all of whom volunteered to be part of the calendar because it supports a worthy cause.

The KAMM Cares organization, which makes the calendar, was started by a mortician who's sister has breast cancer.

KAMM Cares started the Men of Mortuaries Calendar last year as a fundraising project to help people with breast cancer and to celebrate life.

"All the money from KAMM Cares goes directly to women and men who are in need of some help, financial assistance during treatments," said Brad Masters, Mr. February.

It may be hard to believe, but the men are not professional models, but rather, just men who volunteered to do their part to help others.

"This is something I would have never dreamed of doing ever. Being able to travel the country and at the same time supporting breast cancer. You get to see alot of things and support a great cause," said Masters.

Masters said he was surprised to be chosen from the 400 applications but is glad to be part of the calendar because it helps people while preserving their dignity.

And Brad will be having a calendar release party tomorrow from 2-4, at the City Drug Bed and Breakfast in his hometown of wheeler.

The Men of Mortuaries Calendar costs fifteen dollars and as Brad said before all proceeds go to people fighting breast cancer.