Police, Schools Cracking Down On "Spirit Week" Crime

As "Spirit Week" kicks off...Amarillo and Tascosa high school rivals are working together to try and keep the peace. 

Students leaders at both schools say they want to bring the spirit back to spirit week.  So they are trying to do something different this year. Their plan is to spread the word at their respective schools, asking students to respect each other and the community of Amarillo by not egging cars, vandalizing property and fighting.

However, there's always one bad apple in the tree, and student leaders at the schools say they are taking it into their own hands this year to punish those who participate in criminal acts by coming up with some new rules that might make students think twice before they decide to participate in the mayhem. 

"Just by spreading the word to all of our peers, promoting school spirit , not vandalism and egging , we just need to be a positive influence on the community and classmates instead of negative." said Miss Tascosa Belle Cristin Curl.

"Crimestopper's sort of thing when we hear something we automatically go and report it, just so if something is going to happen people are going to be throwing eggs at each other and we know the location just to get authority over there so people are safe and no one gets hurt." said Jena Rhodes, Amarillo High School Senior Representative.

The schools have stricter penalties for anyone who is caught in the act this year.

"Some of the consequences this year as always is if you get caught by the police you will get fined. Our school administration is going to be stronger this year by possibly taking away school events like prom." said Amarillo High School Correspondence Secretary Channing Martin.

Tascosa Study Body President Brian Strouhal adds this for athletes. "If we get caught we're not going to play period.  They've already set that and conditioning hard, hard, hard...so we don't even want to think about it."

The Amarillo Police Department says extra patrols will be on the streets and anyone participating in criminal acts will be prosecuted.