One Girl Arrested for Making Terroristic Threats at Caprock High

One 17 year old girl is now in custody on suspicion of brandeshing a toy gun outside of Caprock High School Friday afternoon. The girl is being charged with a third-degree felony for making terroristic threats.

The incident happened during lunch time, according to Pat Williams, the Caprock Cluster Director. The school was immediately placed on lockdown. Amarillo police say they got a description of the car and began looking for them. The car was later stopped and three girls were found inside, according to police.

Newschannel 10 news crews saw one of the girls handcuffed in a police cruiser. Two other girls were off to the side. Police said they were questioning them in the incident. "Our next step is we will sit down and review our procedures. Go back over and see if we did it right and if there are any areas that we can improve on. What we need to do," said Williams.

Several parents said they received calls from their children while they were locked down.  They were concerned about the lack of information coming from the school. "My daughter called me and told me that some of the cops were here, that somebody had a gun and maybe a bomb scare. She was all scared and crying," said Leo Garcia, while he was walking to the office to pick up his daughter.

Another parent was concerned that her son was told to park his car and go back into the school, as he was parking his car after returning from lunch. "My concern is that if it was a bomb threat, what are they doing taking my child back into the school. He was already off-campus, let him go. Why put him in there," said Tamara Tallant.

Tallant said she was told by school administrators that she could get information from the news, after she had asked for more information on the incident. Another parent who did not want to be identified said he believe school officials did a good job at dealing with the situation.

"I believe if it was on campus and they had everything on lockdown, then I think it was a good decision," said the unidentified parent who was picking up his son. The toy gun in question turned out to be a plastic pistol.