Tulia Allegations Update

Tulia parents are taking action tonight after a scuffle between teenage girls and the police leads to allegations of excessive force.

The mother of some of the girls involved in Tuesdays arrest, say they are working to file a complaint against police and get more people involved.

The parents say they have contacted the NAACP to try and get answers to what really happened.

Deloris Brookins, one of the girls mothers, says,"There should have been more consideration taken. Being that the police department and the officers did what they did. They should have been there to answer every question the parents needed answered. There should have been no hesitation, no stuttering, they should have been on top of it."

Brookins and other parents say they still don't understand why police reportedly knocked down the girls and tased one of them.

The girl who experienced the shock is now also facing assault of a jailer charges, as well as her first two charges of interfering with a police investigation and evading arrest.

Tonight, she is speaking out about what happened.

Laquisha Allen, the girl who was tasered, says, "He tased me on both of my arms and down my back. Since he tased me, I couldn't do anything but fall to the ground."

When we spoke to the Tulia Chief of Police Wednesday, he told us, his officers only indicated firing the taser one time and that any other taser usage would be unacceptable.

Chief Jim McCaslin says, "If something like that happened, I would be alarmed about it, and would want to get to the bottom of it myself."

An official report about the case has not been filed, since police are still investigating the matter.

If parents go through with filling the complaint the Texas Rangers would then take over the investigation of the police department and its actions.