Excessive Force Allegations

Tulia Chief of Police Jim McCaslin
Tulia Chief of Police Jim McCaslin

Accusations of excessive physical force by police are swirling in Tulia.. Stemming from the arrest of several local teens.

Police are still investigating what lead to Tuesdays reported scuffle with police. And tonight some of the young girls involved are speaking out.

The group of girls had been in a verbal argument at school when police reportedly told them to go home.

As they walked down the street they say they saw more police approaching, the girls say they ran out of fear from the officers.

Ukera Aelly, who was involved in the incident says, "We had ran and that's where we had messed up at, we had ran. And I guess they said we were trying to do something so that why they had put us in handcuffs."

The girls say they obeyed the officers when they yelled at them to stop running...but they say physical force was still used.

Tamika Ray, who was put in handcuffs says, "He was tasing my cousin queshia while she was in handcuffs, he was tasing her."

Witnesses, who were driving by and stopped says they saw officers tase the girl multiple times.

An Eyewitness says, "I do know that there was a tremendous amount of force used on minors, tremendous amount of force. Taser guns, guns being pulled, and kids being body-slammed."

Michelle White who also saw the event says, "What I witnessed was a police officer body slamming this little girl and she was already in handcuffs. "

While the official report of the incident has not been completed... Officers say they tased the girl just one time... And only used force to get control of the situation

Chief of Police Jim McCaslin says, "They were trying to control them. There were so many that were arguing and fighting. It was used on the 17-year-old trying to control her. We will do an investigation into it because there would be no reason for something like that it's not in our policy, you don't taser somebody after handcuffing."

We do know that four of the girls have been charged with interfering with a police investigation...three of those received medical attention due to injuries they allegedly received during the arrest... And two of them are still in custody Tonight.

Officials say more information will be available once the report is filed and the investigation is complete.