Castle Doctrine

Police are still investigating what lead to a fatal shooting Sunday afternoon.

It was just before four when officers arrived at 68-hundred block of Cleon... And found 46 year old Calvin Farmer shot once in the chest. Farmer later died from that injury.

Lt. Gary Trupe says, "There may be some self defense involved, in this incident. When a man comes from another location to the homeowners address. And there is a physical altercation at the front door of that home, that kind of gives rise to the fact of why did that person get in this physical altercation. Those are some of the answers we are trying to get."

Officers have established that the shot was fired from the homeowner, who had been in a fight with Farmer. That man is not charged with a crime because police believe he acted under the protection of the Castle Domain Law. A law that has just gone into affect this September.

Homeowners have always been protected by the law when it comes to using deadly force... But this new legislation is throwing out a stipulation and allowing more protection of a persons property.

According to the old law.. A person had the right to use deadly force in their home... But they were required to make some attempt to retreat... Or get out of the situation before using force.

That has been amended so that no retreat is needed to use force.

Assistant Randall County District Attorney Robert Love says, "I think what the legislature was trying to do was make it clear that we as citizens have protection at our homes and in our vehicles, and in those ours that are considered our castle."

While the new law allows a homeowner to use force... That doesn't mean that you can just shoot and get away with it.

Love says, "If you make the first step to use deadly force before deadly force is used on you or some other type of force is used against you, than yeah that's enough premeditation."

Premeditation... It's an issue officials are trying to determine if it played a factor in this homicide.

Love says, "Talking to people in the neighborhood, talking to family members to make sure that there wasn't some indication that this could have been planned in some way."

While there are no charges filed, love tells us that could change if they decide the death was premeditated.

There is also no statue of limitations on homicides... Meaning that if ten years from now someone steps forward with evidence that this shooting was planned.. The homeowner could still face charges.