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Hillside Homicide Update

A man is no longer in custody this evening after firing a fatal shot into the chest of another man he was in a fight with...according to the Amarillo Police Department.

It's called the castle doctrine... And it's meant to protect those who use deadly force protecting their own property.. This evening its keeping one man out of handcuffs.

Here's what we know...officers were called to the 68-hundred block of Cleon around four yesterday on a domestic disturbance.

On arrival they found 46 year old Calvin Farmer shot once in the chest.. A shot that would end his life. Investigators say they are not arresting the homeowner who shot farmer because they believe... At this time... He acted in self defense under the new "castle doctrine".

Though officials say that could change depending on what else they uncover.

Lt. Gary Trupe with Special Crimes says,"Our investigation leads us to believe there is some self defense that the homeowner had. Which we don't feel there is enough probable cause for us to make an arrest based on the crime at this time, without gathering some information."

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