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Wildfire Season Could Start Early This Year

Wildfire season might start early in the Texas and Oklahoma panhandles.

The National Weather Service says they expect La Nina to keep us mostly warm and dry through spring.   We might start seeing grass fires like the one in North Amarillo become the norm a little early this year. 

"If the extended outlook persist which calls for very dry conditions and above normal temperatures I would say if that persist into the winter then I would say yes we could have problems with wild fires." said Chief Meteorologist Jose Garcia at The National Weather Service.

Garcia says a lot of the rangeland in the area is tall because of all the rain from this summer which not a good combination for wildfires.

"Now what will happen if we dry out and we stay dry into the spring all that is basically going to be fuel and if we start a grass fire or range fire it takes off very quickly because all that growth basically can be burned off now." Garcia continues.

All the grass and wildfires could keep our fire fighters busy unusually early this year. However, the weather service does alert them to current weather conditions daily so they are prepared.

Garcia says "We really try to let the firefighter know what the basic conditions are for them to fight fires, like relative humidity wind speeds, temperatures things like that."

The National Weather Service also provides firefighter's with a spot forecast, to help them decide which days are safe to do routine controlled burn to get rid of some of that dangerous brush.


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