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Update: Hartley Weather Crash

The Nefsteads got a strange delivery into their field Wednesday night.

"It's kind of unique, I was cutting corn yesterday and I got back to the combine. My wife had left a note that there a satellite in the field. When I drove down, there was definitely a satellite in our field."

That was according to Scott Nefstead the owner of the property.

What they got was the machine from the maiden voyage of a project involving years of work and more than 150 scientists from across the globe. 

Jack Fox with the National Association of Atmospheric Research explained the machine to us.

"This is a solar telescope, and we use it to take images of the sun. This will eventually be flown from Sweden and Antarctica. This flight was a maiden voyage, and was actually its test flight to test the pointing system of the gondola itself."

The test flight was a success and now the next two flights will go up to take the most detailed pictures of the sun's surface, ever seen.

It was an adventure all day long with local citizens coming out in awe, and scientists quickly disassembling the machine so they could get it back to Ft. Sumner where it originally left from.

There was some concern from neighbors about this huge piece of equipment landing somewhere dangerous.

"Upon termination, the package and parachute separate from the baloon itself, and the aircraft tracks it and watches where it is going. We have a meteorologist mapping out where it will land to a high degree of certainty," said Robin Whiteside with the Columbia Scientific Baloon Facility. 

The next flight is expected to leave Sweden and travel to Canada...collecting data...next summer.

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