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Bell Helicopter Gets Expansion, Will Bring New Jobs

As many as 400 new jobs could be coming to Amarillo as Bell Helicopter continues to expand. In fact...the facility will receive a 22-million dollar expansion.

The expansion will begin in July of next year... it will supposedly increase production for the V-22 Osprey and the H-1.

The AEDC estimates that Bell will put over 100-million dollars into the Amarillo economy in the coming year.

Which is one reason the AEDC is pleased with the expansion, saying "Bell is one of our major employers. They provide good quality jobs at high rates of pay. Anytime you can add jobs and generate wealth for the economy... It's a good thing."

The Ospreys were recently put into combat in Iraq for the first time, creating more of a demand for the aircraft.

The expansion should be complete and open by July of 2009. The 400 or so jobs will be added over the course of several years

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