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$5 Billion in Road Repairs Proposed

Amarillo's District Engineer, Mark Tomlinson Amarillo's District Engineer, Mark Tomlinson
Commissioner Fred Underwood Commissioner Fred Underwood

The Safer Roads Coalition wants voters to approve Proposition 12, which would allow the state to issue $5 billion to make Texas roads safer.

Even though voting is on November 6, if the money is approved, where it will go won't be decided until Texas lawmakers meet again in 2009.

That is when they will decide what roads will receive money for repairs and how much.

The $5 billion will come from general obligation funds.

Those are funds that will be paid back to the state through general revenue - like property taxes and sales taxes.

Mark Tomlinson, Amarillo's District Engineer, says"it would be almost a godsend to the state, because as it is now, finances are so limited, we're trying to decide if we can build any new roads."

Texas has about 80,000 miles of roads, more than California.

But, according to TxDOT, it is 44th in the country in spending on transportation.

Commissioner Fred Underwood says, "over a thousand people per day are moving to into Texas, which stresses our transportation needs. We don't have the funds we need to protect these people."

Locally, there are several projects engineers in Amarillo want to work on if the money is approved.

Tomlinson says, "expansion on the west and southwest parts of the city is still a project that we'd love to do, but funding is still crucial."

If Amarillo receives money, TxDOT hopes work can be done on both I-40 and I-27.

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