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Better Storm Warnings Start Today

Jose Garcia of the National Weather Service Jose Garcia of the National Weather Service

When severe weather hits, where it is and where it's heading right away are the most important questions. Starting Monday, a more precise answer to both of those questions will be available.

When a weather warning crawls across the bottom of a TV screen and it is issued for several counties, it might be disregarded.  Well, now the warnings will be more definitive.

Until now, the National Weather Service's warning system alerted people of severe weather by county.  Monday the system will start issuing warnings by storm.

Jose Garcia of the National Weather Service says, "our warnings are actually going to be for smaller, more compact areas where we actually feel there is a storm or tornado or flash flood."

Instead of issuing a thunderstorm warning for all of Gray County for example, the warning will just be issued for Pampa or McLean or wherever the storm may be.

Doppler Dave Oliver welcomes the new technology, saying "we'll be able to discuss it a little more thoroughly, show it a little more graphically, and when we get it on the radar we'll just be able to showcase it a little better."

The National Weather Service estimates it can reduce the warning areas by 70 percent, which will hopefully convince people to take the warning seriously.

The warnings will reference not only specific towns, but also landmarks, highways, and shopping centers.

Some cell phones can already receive storm warnings, and the National Weather Service says warnings will also reach cell phone users in areas threatened by severe weather.

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