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TTU Women's Health Center

The Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center in Amarillo is now home to the most innovative, gender specific clinic in the area. KZBZ reporter Brianna Goodloe has the details.

I attended a ribbon cutting ceremony celebrating the opening of a clinic that will specifically serve women's needs. The center for women's health and gender-based medicine is Texas Tech's most recent accomplishment in their continuing fight for women's health services.

The TTU Dean of the School of Medicine, Steven Berk said, "It's part of a bigger program. It's part of a program for women's health research, for women's health education, and now this is a third component to have a state of the art facility for the care of women."

This center is a special clinic because it deals with with how diseases specifically affect women.

Joanna Wilson, who is the Asst. Professor of Medicine said, "Up until this point the idea of a female has been that they are a man and they metabolize drugs the same, they have the same diseases and the same outcomes. We're recognizing now through evidence based medicine that that's not the truth, that female patients are very different than male patients."

This new science will allow for better prevention measures and treatments.

The team of administrators, physicians, and nurses will offer patient-centered care and treat and evaluate the whole person.

"A clinic like this will teach our students and residents how to understand and appreciate the special needs of women and the special aspects of health care of women," said Berk.

The new clinic is located in the first floor of the TTU health sciences center and is part of the School of Medicine.  The clinic should start seeing patients in about two weeks.

The ribbon cutting ceremony was very touching and you could feel that everybody was proud of the work they have put into the new clinic.

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