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Fewer Women Getting Mammograms

Lease Dean has been cancer free for a year. Lease Dean has been cancer free for a year.
Sunny Brush has been cancer free for five years. Sunny Brush has been cancer free for five years.

Doctors are pushing for more women to have mammograms, a vital part of the cancer detection process that some are choosing not to be a part of.

It's uncomfortable, an excuse several women use to avoid getting a mammogram, but doctors and survivors say no excuse is good enough. It's a process doctors say may be awkward but the best way to catch if there is a problem.

Dr. Gary Aragon says: "You need to thin the breast to get better spacial resolution. You need to increase the detail and one technique is compressing the breast so that things that are there stand out more."

The average woman should start getting the exam at age 40, but if you have had an immediate family member diagnosed start sooner.

Such as, if your mother was diagnosed with breast cancer at 45, you should begin at 35.

Survivors I spoke with say make sure you go annually, because its vital to catch the disease quickly.

Lease Dean who has been cancer free for a year says, "I had mine done the year before and nothing was seen but then that following year I had a size four, which is about the size of a quarter, so it grew that much in just a year."

They also say to confront the fear and get the check up done if you think you have a lump. 

Sunny Brush, who has been cancer free for five years, says, "Not to take a chance, go ahead and have it checked, whether its anything or not, because they don't know until they have it checked, and that's they only way they will know is to have it checked out and be sure."

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