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Effects of Lead on Kids

It is no secret now that your child's toys could contain lead. So how harmful lead is to your kids is something we wanted to find out.

The amount of lead in the toys that have been recalled recently is relatively small.  But the longer children are exposed to lead, the more severe the symptoms.

Lead can damage almost every organ system in the body. And kids are more at risk for that damage because they absorb more lead than adults.

The Texas Panhandle Poison Center says the recalled toys, while still containing lead, are not the most common sources of lead poisoning.

Symptoms of lead poisoning are stomach aches, constipation, fatigue, and irritability. But they don't always show up right away. They could take weeks or months to surface.

If a child does show symptoms of poisoning, the poison center says to get the toy away from the child and the symptoms should subside. If they don't, ask a doctor to test the child's blood lead levels.

Other sources of lead are window sills with lead-based paints in homes built before 1970.  Also, some fishing weights are made of lead as well as certain pewter dishes.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has a list of the recalled toys at www.cpsc.gov.


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