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Tascosa High School Alleged Fighters Released

Two teens once accused of beating up a classmate are free tonight. We are tracking the latest information in the Tascosa High School fight.

After a brutal fight left two teens in jail and one in the hospital.. Just a week later, all criminal charges are dropped. But it doesn't end there... The accused brawlers still have to face the Amarillo School District.

Payam Khamissi and Farid Davoodnia are accused of beating up a classmate last week at lunchtime. Before they head back to school.. They still face a disciplinarian hearing where they could be reprimanded for either a level 5 or level 6 charge according to AISD officials.

Level 5 penalties carry the possibility suspension from 11 to 180 days... And a possible reassignment of classes. Level 6 includes level five penalties but also carries the hefty price of expulsion.

AISD officials say the disciplinary hearing will be confidential... But do want to ensure parents that they are taking care of the situation.

For a look at the Student Conduct Code click here http://www.amaisd.org/handbooks/hs_conduct.pdf

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