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Neighborhoods Fighting Crime

As home burglaries surge throughout Amarillo, some neighborhoods are taking crime prevention into their own hands.

One neighborhood in Southwest Amarillo started a watch two years ago and they've been able to cut the crime in their area by half.

Chris lapel spear-headed the neighborhood watch after a home in her area was burglarized. Lapel says it began when she started knocking on her neighbors doors and asking them to get involved.  She says 90 percent of her neighborhood did, and they send out a clear message to burglars, we are watching you.

"We alert our neighbors through block Captains of different scams, things that are happening throughout Amarillo, different types of robberies, things to keep people aware." said Lapel

Crime Prevention Officer Mike Mezger says people should get involved in crime watches to keep their neighborhoods safe.

"That's my friend now, ooh that car doesn't belong there, what is that guy doing walking around, I know he's not a relative cause I would know him. So now their eyes are open and they watch for their friends now." said Mezger

Anyone who wants to organize a neighborhood watch contact your local authorities. Also if you want to check the security of your home, the Amarillo Police Department does home security checks for free.  They come into your home and offer suggestions on ways you can better secure yourself and your family.

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