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Child Care Center May Close

Amid accusations of child abuse and mismanagement, a Tulia day care center is trying to keep it's doors open. NewsChannel 10 found out why the facility is under fire.

Texas Child Care Licensing has investigated the Tulia Child Development Center twice this year for child abuse and neglect. Although those allegations were cleared by the state, many residents, especially those who use to work there continue to question child safety at the facility.

"Kids were grabbed the wrong way, thrown the wrong way, it even happened to my daughter, she was grabbed by her teacher and sat down in this way and got in her face and told her no," says a former employee who wants to remain anonymous.

She is fed up with the way she saw kids were treated at the day care center. She worked there six months, and she says the treatment was bad, and the working conditions were worse.

"In the summertime we went two days without air conditioning. We were burning up. When you are siting in the middle of the day in the baby room and a big roach comes out its obvious that it's a bad situation, it's not just roaches here and there, they're coming out in the day time."

No one with the executive board at the day care would go on camera. In a statement they say they are unaware of any unresolved complaints or investigations. At Thursday's executive board meeting some residents voiced their concerns, but they went unanswered.

The center is on the highest level of supervision from the state. So inspectors will stop in for visits unannounced, every three to five months. The former employee is glad to hear it, because she says trying to alert the state is why the director fired her.

"She didn't like it when you had a complaint or concern, she wanted you to be quiet, and it's not fair, because those kids need someone to speak for them."

The day care center has lost more than half of it's kids in the last few weeks. Those in charge say it's because kids are back in school. Once thing is for sure, if they don't increase enrollment, they will have to shut their doors, regardless of the accusations.

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