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Doctors Warn Parents About Purging

Doctors are warning parents about purging, it's very popular among school aged children, and it's not always easy to detect. The condition has been confused with malnutrition, now they want to classify it as it's own disease so parents can make sure their children get proper treatment for it.

Purging is not bulimia. It's an eating disorder where kids eat normally and then vomit. So how can parents tell

"A lot of signs that we need to be aware of when we're looking at children is frequent illness because we may see their immune system diminished." says Dr. Kaye Renshaw an eating disorder counselor.

Parents don't even see any changes in eating habits or weight. However, they will see behavior changes.

Dr. Renshaw say parents can look for these signs, "extreme exercise, very athletic children, children who are really pushing themselves athletically in that way being able to be purged calories they have consumed."

Renshaw said the disease can lead to other problems.

"We may see is they are not getting adequate nutrition and we see other disorders, fragile bones, pain from muscle deterioration or poor muscle development."

Treatment is available on the disorder. Unlike bulimia it does not focus on feelings of shame or guilt. It focuses more on establishing proper eating habits.


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