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Teen still Missing at Lake Greenbelt

For three days rescuers have been searching for an Amarillo teen believed to have drowned at Lake Greenbelt.

Officials say they will now have to resort to alternate methods of recovery to find the boys body. Samuel Jones has been missing since Sunday evening. In an effort to recover his body... Officials now say they are looking into dragging the bottom of lake greenbelt.

Jones and his friend 18 year old Roger Salvidar Jr. Were on a makeshift floatation device when it sank, sending the men into the water, about 700 feet off shore. While salvidar swam to land, jones apparently did not... Leaving his family and officials fearing the worse.

Donley County Sheriff Butch Blackburn says, "the dogs and the sonar gives us a better area to look. We don't have a good reference point on this particular drowning so we rely on that to have the divers know what to look at."

officials say they will continue to search for jones as long as it takes... But will not send divers back in the water after this afternoon.

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