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American Metal Arts

Ranch signs, grills, just about anything you can dream of. Greg Dodson and his partner Alan Bellinghausen can custom make it from metal.

They just recently started the company, but it was something that started because localizing the business just made sense.

"My partner was making metal furniture, and they were buying their metal from a man in Lampasas. They had a little trouble getting it, so we bought our own machine and started our own business."

Dodson is a pilot for a commercial airline, and this is a firly new trade for him.

"I've always enjoyed working with metal, welding around the airport here. But, it's not something I thought of a long time ago. It's kind of a recent hobby that we started."

The cutting you have been seeing is actually a nice KZBZ logo that Dodson surprised us with. He walked us through the entire process, including designing it from scratch.

Once the machine started cutting, it took four minutes for it to finish.

A machine that he and his partner put together.

"We ordered our own machine, then we built the table. We built it from scratch. Then, we put together the machine, it comes in pieces, then we built it up."

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