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Pets Mart and SPCA Join Forces for Adopt-A-Thon

Jadee Dellis, SPCA Volunteer Jadee Dellis, SPCA Volunteer

The City of Amarillo was forced to put down 13 thousand animals last year because they couldn't find them homes. This weekend, 15 animals got new homes, thanks to the SPCA and PetsMart.

The Amarillo SPCA teams up with PetsMart three times year for their Adopt-A-Thon.

For three days, SPCA volunteers take shelter animals to PetsMart in hopes of seeing them go home with a new owner.

Dogs and cats of several different sizes and breeds were on hand Friday through Sunday to sell themselves to potential owners as the perfect family addition.

The SPCA has about 200 dogs in shelters and foster care and all the volunteers say that every animal needs just one thing: a loving home.

For $85, a new owner gets his or her animal sterilized, micro-chipped in case it tries to get out, and up-to-date shots.

The SPCA is out at PetsMart with adoptable dogs and cats every Saturday afternoon, so if you missed them this weekend, you can go up there next Saturday.

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