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How Safe Are The Rides At The Fair?

Patrick Crabtree of Crabtree Amusements Patrick Crabtree of Crabtree Amusements

Thousands of people are injured every year on carnival rides, some even die.  So how safe are they?

In several years operating rides at the the Tri-state fair, Crabtree Amusements says they haven't had any incidents on their rides that have lead to major injury or death.  In fact they say there rides are safe and it's the people riding them that cause the problems.

Patrick Crabtree said "We  need the patrons to be on our side and obey the rules."

Crabtree adds rides are inspected daily by four different inspectors, one is state certified and all ride operators receive safety training. He warns if people followed some simple rules they'd be better off.

"If they'll dress properly, have their hair restrained and not wear loose clothing. Make sure they wear good shoes don't wear flip flops and other items like that."

Most importantly, Crabtree says follow the height restrictions, they are there, for your safety.


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