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Community Colleges Get Vetoed Funding Back

Amarillo College President                        Steven Jones Amarillo College President Steven Jones

They are schools that thousands of people around texas attend for any number of reasons. But when Governor Rick Perry cut community college funding, communities spoke out. 

Lieutenant Governor Dewhurst said today that he is committed to increased funding for community colleges and universities. That's why when Governor Perry's veto took away over one hundred and fifty million dollars for schools' employee health insurance, Dewhurst and community college leaders spoke out.

Community colleges across Texas were deeply affected by Governor Perry's veto. And colleges here in the Panhandle were no different. Amarillo College stood to lose one million dollars, while Clarendon College and Frank Phillips College could have lost more than half a million.

"The impact of Governor Perry's veto for all community colleges has forced us to satisfy one state mandate, which is to provide health insurance for employees but without state funding," says Amarillo College President Steven Jones.

Governor Perry's office has taken notice of the opposition to his veto. His staff met with four community college leaders last week in Austin.

Both the lieutenant governor and several community college leaders say the money could be restored to the schools as early as October.

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