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New Background Checks for Teachers

Laurie Cizon, Canyon Independent School District Laurie Cizon, Canyon Independent School District

A new law could leave parents feeling safer about putting their kids in school. Currently teachers in the state of Texas only have to pass a state wide criminal background check. But that is about to change.

By 2011 teachers will have to undergo a nationwide search and school districts across the country will now share information about that teacher's history and conduct allegations in the past.

Laurie Cizon with the Canyon Independent School District says, "Any kind of crime against a child in the classroom, the state board of education then has the authority to place that in the employees record, it doesn't have to be proven it just has to be alleged."

Canyon I.S.D. is already taking the steps to insure safety on their campuses. By the end of the year all teachers and their systems will have a national background check completed. C.I.S.D. officials say they are not worried about the background of their staff they just want to be ahead of the game and as safe as possible.

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