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Man Found Stabbed to Death

A woman is behind bars tonight... Charged with stabbing an Amarillo man to death.

64 year old Ivan Thompson was found by his mother and a maintenance man, laying on his living room... Dead. When police entered the home just before noon, officers quickly realized he wasn't alone.

Officers found a 27 year old female, alone in the locked house with Thompson's body. Neighbors tell us the women had been living with Thompson for the past week. Detectives were unable to rule the death a homicide till just before five... Since Thompson was laying on his stomach, and they could not turn him until the crime scene investigation was complete.

Once they did examine Thompson completely, officers found multiple stab wounds on his upper body.. After interviewing the female subject, officers have concluded she was involved in the killing. Tonight, she is charged with Thompson's murder.

Officials are waiting to release the woman's name until morning. We will continue to keep you updated as information becomes available.

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