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Coffee May Increase Exercise Endurance

Good news for you coffee drinkers. Apparently it may be good for you to have a cup before you exercise.

We've been told for years that caffeinated drinks like coffee are bad to drink before working out. Well, recent research shows that they actually could be beneficial to your workout.

Contrary to popular belief, coffee could make your workouts last longer. Caffeine kicks your body into gear, allowing for longer, maybe even more intense workouts.

"It's almost like a pick-me-up, so it will give you a good muscle boost," says Charles Legmeg, personal trainer at Gold's Gym.

It also means fuel for a longer workout and a longer workout means more fat burned.

This is great news for people who drink coffee on a regular basis before exercising.

"Arnold Schwarzenegger wrote in his book that caffeine can help the heart rate, it gets your body warmed up, and I know it helps me," says Jennifer Harrington, who likes to drink coffee before she works out.

And it's not just coffee that can help. Soda, tea, anything caffeinated could jumpstart your body into workout mode.

If you do decide to drink something with caffeine in it, be sure to drink it about an hour before your workout. That way, it has time to settle in your body and it will increase your endurance. Endurance through both cardiovascular and weight lifting exercises.

While caffeine does help, it's important to consume it in moderation. One cup is fine before a workout, but several could spike your heart rate too high, and that could be harmful.

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