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Car Seats Have Expiration Date

Kelly Tapia Kelly Tapia
Tracy Tellman, Traffic Safety Specialist for TxDOT in Amarillo Tracy Tellman, Traffic Safety Specialist for TxDOT in Amarillo

Most people are trained to check for the expiration dates on their eggs, milk, and meat.  But car seats? That's right. Safety experts say car seats have a limited shelf life. 

"It's important to know when the car seat was made and also to look to see if its ever been recalled.  And the way to find that out is to look at the model number and the date it was manufactured on the car itself," said Tracy Tellman, Traffic Safety Specialist for TxDOT in Amarillo.

Tellman says even when the seats look fine, the normal wear and tear can actually create some problems, not seen by the naked eye.

"We know that with the freeze-thaw cycles we have in the day to day in your car, that the plastic actually wears and it can fail in a crash, said Tellman.

The shelf life for a car seat is about five years, said Tellman. 

She also recommends parents do not buy used car seats, second hand seats or seats from consignment stores. 

That's advice Sallie Clement will now take to heart. Clement says she bought a used car seat at a garage sale, and two months later it came apart.

"It looked brand new, but it just broke in half," said Clement.

On the other side, Kelly Tapia, is very aware of the expiration dates.  

"The doctor actually told me how to make sure that they're all with the right expiration date and stuff like that," said Tapia.

Tellman says the expiration date is usually found on the seat itself, and can either show the expiration date or the manufacture date.

If you need a new car seat and cannot afford one, Tellman says TxDOT can try and help.  Log onto their website: or call them at (806) 356-3200

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