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Drug Free A.D.H.D. Treatments

Some children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders might be able to stop taking medication and try a non-drug alternative.  The latest technology is a brain eave training called E.E.G. Biofeedback.  It teaches children while involved in an activity to produce brain waves that are associated with being alert and focused.

Behavioral therapy also provides results by helping to decrease aggression in children and increase their academic performance.  Dr. David Egerton a local child Psychologist says researchers are even looking at other concentration boosters like music and athletics.

"Baseball seems to have a requirement that not only the child execute certain athletic activity but they also keep in mind a variety of options about where the play may occur. So in effect they are taught to focus and concentrate on what's going on."

Doctors say unlike medications, these alternatives are not quick fix. They require parents to provide plenty of structure and to stay on a strict routine.


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