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Canyon Flooding

The city of Canyon is drying out tonight, after a torrential downpour left the city under water... Closing some streets and trapping drivers.

Between five and seven inches of rain poured down on Canyon... Washing out roadways and flooding vehicles. This was the scene as drivers splashed through standing water... So deep that it flooded some cars. Both Russell Long Boulevard and part of highway 27 were shut down... But tonight they are back open.

Paul Braun with the Texas Department of Transportation says, "We still have a little bit of a problem down here on US 87 were we are trying to keep the mud and dirt off the roadway. We also have some localized flooding down on 217 and I-27, so we are keeping an eye on that. But I think if the rain will hold off, we will be OK for the rest of the evening."

Several drivers were trapped as their cars stalled, but no one was injured.

Lisa Martinez says "It was just something that we weren't use to something I guess we need in rain but not the flooding."

TxDOT employees are still out tonight, keeping an eye on the damage. TxDOT officials want to remind drivers to never drive in standing water, since you can not tell how deep it is.

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