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New Identity Theft Protection

Texas residents can now avoid identity theft with a new law allowing them to freeze their credit report. Cathy Jacobson at the Consumer Credit Counseling Service in Amarillo says "No one can access your credit report except for you. If someone for instance had obtained your personal information and tried to go out and apply for credit they cannot get credit."

That's even if they have your social security number and date of birth. Consumers can freeze their reports for as long as they want and can lift it at anytime. Experts say senior citizens can benefit from the new law because they are increasingly at risk of identity theft, but anyone who feels at risk should conside freezing their report.

"It's a way for somebody, particularly anyone that's come out of a bad situation that's cleaned it up to make sure they're aren't future problems or it's a way for somebody who has worked hard to clean up a bunch a bad stuff on their credit to protect themselves from that happening again," said Troy Blackwell an Amarillo attorney.

Anyone who wants to place a freeze on their credit report needs to write all three major credit bureaus at these addresses.

Equifax Security Freeze
P.O. Box 105788
Atlanta, GA 30348

Trans Union Security
P.O. Box 6790
Fullerton, CA 92834

Experian Security Freeze
P.O. Box 9554
Allen, TX 75013

Please include the following information:

  • Send a certified letter by mail.
  • Provide your full name (including middle initial as well as Jr., Sr., II, III etc.) address, Social Security number and date of birth.
  • If you have moved in the past 5 years, supply the addresses where you have lived over the prior 5 years.
  • Provide proof of current utility bill or phone bill.
  • Send a copy of a government issued identification card
  • If you are a victim of identity theft, to avoid the fee you must include a copy of report of alleged identity fraud or an identity theft passport.
  • Pay the fee by check, money order, or credit card

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