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Update: Toot' n Totum Boycott

Amarillo gas prices.. Its a touchy subject that has some drivers across the area reaching out to the internet to relieve their frustrations. More than 8 thousand people are logging on and voicing their complaints about Toot' n Totum. Hoping to spark a city wide boycott.

These web pages allow users to post comments and even open up discussions. All in the hopes that more awareness will mean less profit for Toot' n Totum. The site's creator did not want to speak on camera but he did tell us that.

"The site was created because people need to have a voice. Whether he intends to or not greg mitchell has such influence in this town that a lot of people feel intimidated. People seem to love the site. We get thousands of visitors every week. It's not surprising how popular it has been. People have wanted something like this for years." Creator of Boycotttootntotum.com says.

Some sites aimed at the convenience store chain, even have bumper stickers and t-shirts for supporters to sport. This creator also did not want to go on camera, but he says he is passionate about his cause.

"This site is for the little guys, medium guys and the big guys too. Most people started out in adulthood with financial struggles. Gas prices are high enough as it is. These young couples, blue collar workers, single mom and dads and working couples are now faced with an extra Toot' n Totum tax on their gas. I am not looking for gain, only loss, loss on gas prices that is." Creator of Amarillo Gas Prices on MySpace says.

Both sites creators say they are not sure whether each person on the site is truly boycotting Toot' n Totum, but they do agree that every person counts.

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