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Toot' n Totum Boycott

Amarillo drivers are using technology to rebel against high gas prices. Sites are popping up all over the internet specifically targeting Toot' n Totum. Sites like this boycott, hold open forums and discussions for anyone to join in with.

They also are going as far as to have their logos printed on bumper stickers and t-shirts. While the creator of the site didn't want to go on camera, he did tell us why he started the site.

"People can come to the site and use our forums to voice their opinions without the fear of repercussions. We hope to stop allowing Toot' n Totum to set the price for gasoline in Amarillo. We want a competitive market."

The creator tell's me he is not sure if every person on the site is really boycotting Toot; n Totum, but he does believe that one person can make a difference. We spoke to Greg Mitchell, the owner of Toot' n Totum, he told us he doesn't want to comment on the groups since there will always people who don't believe the high price of gas comes form the refineries.

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